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RTD PT100 (Resistance Temperature Detector) Tutorial

This video will walk you through everything you need to know about the RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector)

Wiring starts at: 18:00
Link to the Powerpoint:
aly saad95 : GORGEOUSE!!
I really enjoyed extremely every second of your presentation man
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Vishal Govekar : For more details RTD
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How to check RTD, PT-100

RTD full name is resistance temprature detector ,this Video is helpfull for freshers candidates please share yours comment for any queries
Tariq Mahmood : Very good video
Anil Bhogil : Ohm से °C कैसे निकलता हैं.. please any formula for ohm to °C or viceversa..?
Waikar Raj : But AAP to boly they ki RTD 100 hy to resistance zero qu nhi dhykta.
Vivek kumar : Four wire rtd KO kaisay pta krengay sir
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Everything you want to know about PT100, What is a PT100 sensor ?

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What is a PT100 sensor ?

The PT100 is a sensor Based on resistance measurement principle.

Material is platinum and resistance value is 100 ohm at temperature 0 °C

Platinum has a positive resistance temperature factor; resistance increases with rising temperature

Resistance variation is a function of temperature; 0.39 ohm per 1 °C.

Long term stability is the main difference compared to other temperature measuring methods.

Pt100 sensor structures

One sensor structure can include also several Pt100 resistances: 1, 2 or 3 Pt-100.

Most common is 1 Pt-100.

For different measuring circuits the resistance element can be produced in different versions: 2, 3 or 4-wire connection.

Most accurate is 4-wire.

Even as a standard version the industrial Pt100 sensor is vibration proof and additionally it can be produced as an extra vibration proof version for extreme circumstances.

What does 2, 3 and 4 wire connection mean?
A resistance temperature detector (RTD) can be connected with 2, 3 or 4 wires.

The 2-wire connection needs only 2 wires, but then the measuring electronics is measuring also wire resistance, which is not desirable.

Using extra wires for compensating the cable resistance gives more precisely the desired resistance of the RTD itself.

The 4 wires connection is the most accurate one.

Pt100 wire colors
Colors of wires attached to Pt100 resistance are defined in standard EN 60751.

For 2 wires, one resistance:

For 2 wires, two resistances:

For 2 wires, 3 resistances:

For 3 wires, one resistance:
For 3 wires, two resistances:
For 3 wires, three resistances:

For 4 wires, one resistance:
For 4 wires, two resistances:




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